Weird Eye
Vital statistics
Position Friend of Odd Future
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Weird Eye, also known as LooFy was an old producer for Odd Future members Earl Sweatshirt and Mike G

Back Ground Info Edit

Weird Eye met Earl in 9th grade on a school trip to Ojai, When Weird Eye then known as LooFy and his friend were rapping Earl walked up to them and ask LooFy to give him a beat and Earl started rapping over it. After Earl ask Weird Eye if he made beats, Weird Eye said yes.They soon become best friends and Weird Eye let Earl join his rap group called the Backpackerz along with Weird Eyes other friend. During the summer of 2009 Earl got really close to Tyler and Weird Eye only show Earl a few times that summer. When school had start back Earl Told Weird Eye that he was going to be the newest member of Odd Future, after the Weird Eye ended the Backpackerz. Weird Eye also produced beats for Mike G as well. .