Season 2 (2013) Edit

Loiter Squad season 2 episodes
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12 1 "Soul Food" March 10, 2013 201 1.604
The guys welcome Blake Anderson and Earl Sweatshirt, Lionel tries out new catchphrases with the character, Catchphrase Jones, and Tyler trains a rookie at a diner.
13 2 "Waiting to Exhale" March 17, 2013 202 1.544
The guys do their own spin on the Real Housewives Reunion and skate with Tony Hawk. Lionel wakes up a friend, Taco tells how his life has changed since his last twat.
14 3 "Jason's Lyric" March 24, 2013 203 1.538
The Po-Po need help solving a big case with Mike G.S.I. as they are looking for Jefferson's hideout where he is making a cat suit out of cat skin, the guys use black holes, Taco and Mike G. fight in a bounce house, and a new music video from Young Nigga debuts in the show.
15 4 "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" March 31, 2013 204 1.648
The guys welcome back an old friend; Jasper, Mike, and Taco audition for a fake commercial for an energy drink which is a prank set up by Tyler and Lionel as the guys will get smacked at the end, and Lionel stars in "The Blind Side 2".
16 5 "Poetic Justice" April 7, 2013 205 1.533
The Shady Bunch has bad luck in Hawaii, Mars and Sabrina get pedicures, Jasper gives advice.
17 6 "Boyz in Da Hood" April 14, 2013 206 1.569
The guys go to jail, get adopted, and meet new Finnish friends The Dudesons.
18 7 "Menace 2 Society" April 21, 2013 207 1.451
The guys hunt for treasure; Jasper makes a bike jump; and Earl has problems with his roommate.
19 8 "Set It Off" April 28, 2013 208 1.484
Tyler hates his new stepfather Bam Margera, Taco hits the streets in a bathtub, and the cast gets new dolls with surprising powers.
20 9 "Jungle Fever" May 5, 2013 209 1.257
The cast attempts an intervention; Jasper and Tyler face moral dilemmas. Taco changes the game.
21 10 "Roots" May 12, 2013 210 1.478
Emo Patrick calls someone; the guys participate in eating challenges; and Taco shares his wisdom.