Fuck This Christmas
Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats
Released December 22, 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Length 4:29
Label none
Producer Tyler, The Creator
Fuck This Christmas is a Christmas-themed rap. The track features Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future.

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1: Earl] Welcome to my home, the place that I hate The place that I love, the Planet of the Apes The place that I loathe, the boy minus father Equals boy minus heart, always testing mama Mic sessions thrash, life lessons trashed Nights get cold as the knife that I grab Zoom to your wife room take her life with a stab Sure her ass look nice, it'd look nicer in a bag And slung over shoulder, village slum soldier Bayonet bloods when my cup runneth over With sith lord dark side of the force In the trunk of a Porsche tryna butt fuck Yoda Shotgun, drop T, Earl flow shogun Jabbing with a pen while you faggots getting toes done Hold up, I was four going on grown up So before you niggas tell me I'm nuts, you better grow some, faggot


Fuck this Christmas Fuck this Christmas (Nigga fuck Santa Claus) Fuck this Christmas Ain't nothing for you (Ain't no gift for you)

[Verse 2: Tyler]

Crazy mothafuckas in the North Pole causing ruckus And the punk nut-crackers couldn't cuff us, how I fuck her It was quiet how I stepped in, I crept in with my cock out Now she's having make-out sessions with my weapons Drunk a fifth of eggnog, stole Santa's reindeer Joy-rode the North Pole, steering is a bitch so I hopped out and ask some Jasper elves for some info Where I can burn some Christmas trees with large amounts of thick snow I've been acting naughty problem child in attendance John Ritter said he taught me how to mothafuck a Christmas Dismissing all the wanting and the presents are forsaken See if you're the gift from God then I'm the Christmas wrap from Satan


[Outro: Hodgy] You, bitch you can't get nothing No more, no more presents, no more cranberry sauce Bitch you can't get nothing no more No more fleeces for your caprices and shit Bitch give me my mothafuckin' presents back, ain't none for you Alright for real, you gon' have to give me my fucking presents back Cause those are for my grandma, yeah that thong, that was for my grandma Give me my presents back, give me my gifts