This is Discography for Earl Sweatshirt, feature unreleased mixtape and album as well as Collaborations mixtape.

"World Playground" (2009) (UNRELEASED) by The Backpackerz

Confirmed tracks include:

-WattStax (prod. by Loofy aka Weird Eye)

"Kitchen Cutlery" (2009) (UNRELEASED) by Sly Tendencies

Confirmed Tracks Include:

- Arm and Hammer (RARE/UNLEAKED)

- Dat Ass

- Fuck Your Compression (FYC) ft. Gruzen

"Earl" (2010)

01 Thisniggaugly

02 Earl

03 Couch ft. Ace Creator

04 Kill

05 Wakeupfaggot

06 Luper

07 epaR ft. Vince Staples (prod. Left Brain)

08 Moonlight ft. Hodgy Beats

09 Pigions ft. Wolf Haley

10 Stapleton (prod. Branden BeatBoy Martin

"The Sweaty Martians" (2010) (UNFINISHED) by Earl Sweatshirt & Matt Martians

Confirmed Tracks Include: 

- My Room ft. Tyler, The Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)

- One Take by The Sweaty Martians (RARE/UNLEAKED)

"EarlWolf(2010) (UNFINISHED) by EarlWolf


1. Pre (featuring SK La' Flare)

2. Burgandy (featuring Vince Staples)

3. 20 Wave Caps (featuring Domo Genesis)

4. Sunday (featuring Frank Ocean)

5. Hive (featuring Vince StaplesCasey Veggies)

6. Chum

7. Sasquatch  (featuring Tyler, The Creator)

8. Centurion (featuring Vince Staples)

9. 523

10. Uncle Al

11. Guild (featuring Mac Miller)

12. Molasses (featuring RZA)

13. Whoa (featuring Tyler, The Creator)

14. Hoarse

15. Knight (featuring Domo Genesis)

"I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt" (2015)

1. "Huey"  
2. "Mantra"  
3. "Faucet"  
4. "Grief"  
5. "Off Top"  
6. "Grown Ups" (featuring Dash)
7. "AM // Radio" (featuring Wiki)
8. "Inside"  
9. "DNA" (featuring Na'kel)
10. "Wool" (featuring Vince Staples)